Apex Legends gonna get Limited Time Solo Mode

New news was out for the next event and its gonna be a solo mode for the Apex Legends players. A solo mode in a battle royale feels a fun for many including myself.
It was posted in the twitter account of the offical Apex Legends of the news.

Like just before End of Season 1 the Blooodhound Elite 5 Apex was introduced for ranked. Mostly this will be almost a similar way feature.
The video in this was showed legends like Bloodhound standing solo and team vanishing similar look with bangalore as well.
For those who didnt know top 5 Elite Ranked had come last season end where once you reach top 5 your Eligible for Elite. Once you lose in that top 5 below top 5 squad your out of the elite squad list. If you win you continue.
If you had won 5 in a row then you get a legendary Bloodhound Skin for yourself.

Well it is a limited time event and if its feedbacks are good it will mostly be implemented in the game permanently. And I think it should be a right choice as well for those people who like to play alone in the battlefield.

In the video a bloodhound new cosmetic is shown and nothing else was revealed well 13th August is the release date so lets hope its a success.
Let me know what you feel about Apex Legends Solo Mode in the comments section..

Link of the Current Apex Legends Season 2 is:

Link for Apex Legends Page:

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