Apex Legends: Season 2

Apex legends has a new season that is out for a few days and here is what I felt about the game.

Apex New Season has a new Legend Wattson and she has her own unique skill to know more link of the video and the old post written on the legend is attached below.

This season is known as battle charge where in the Kings Canyon there was a massive EMP Explosion and all the Dinosaurs arrived in the map and have destroyed it. The terrain is the same only that the map has a bit of changes. Old map is still available for selection of the play.

Ranked Leagues

So there is a new playlist known as ranked leagues. New ranks have been introduced where u will be given a title and a badge as well.

Apex Legends Ranked League Chart

So there are 6 ranks in total and these ranks have their own perks as well.
You Begin on Rank 4 for the season and you grow to the highest rank apex Predator.

To level up you need Ranked Points that can be attained by each game. Per kill you get 1 RP, Being in top 10/5/3 gives you 2, 4 ,7 RP and becoming champion gives you 12 RP.

So how do you level up?

In ranked bronze has no Ranked points (RP) to get in game but once you reach silver there are match entry Cost.
Silver: 1 RP
Gold: 2 RP
Platinum: 3 RP
Diamond: 4 RP
Apex Predator: 5 RP

So these are the costs and each rank gives you perk as in a badge or a cosmetic skin with a dive trail i.e. a style that you do while diving from the spacecraft.

Battle Pass

The battle pass for season 2 has new inclusions of challenges and quests with new items on level ups.

Daily and Weekly Challenges

This season there are daily challenges and 2 weekly challenges. Daily have 3 quests and weekly each of them have 7 so total of 14 quests for weekly.
These give you the Battle points to level up your pass for this season.

Items for questline path

The items are the similar ones with cosmetics i.e Weapon and Legend skins, Apex Coins, Bonus XP, Crafting Materials, Tracker, Frame for Legend, Apex Pack, Skydive Emote (New), Load Screen (New), Music Pack(New).
The new ones Skydive Emote is a style that is done while diving and the legend does it automatically once you equip it.
Music Pack is a whole new concept where your in game music changes.
And Load Screen is rather than seeing a black screen you can see a the loading page you selected for the game.
And Lastly once level 100 you get a badge for level 100 for Season 2.

Game Optimisation

The game is pretty good now compared to the beginning and has a great flow but there are a few bugs still.
No implementation of reconnect yet not even in ranked so that is the bad part right now.
Also the game has new items and cosmetics for legends and weapons.
New additional items have been introduced like for attachments.

Battle Royale: Will Apex Survive?

After the inclusion of ranked in the game section, its gonna be a challenge for players playing it and they will have a great time to grow and stay intrigued in the game but as long there are streamers such as shroud still there and supporting for it. It gonna last a very long time as shroud himself is a god shooter FPS.

Let me know what you feel in the comments about the new patch of Apex Legends and game tactics.

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