Dota 2 Immortal Treasure 3

The latest Dota 2 Immortal treasure 3 is out with new immortals for Axe, Clinkz, Terrorblade, Lycan, Mars, Sladar and ultra rare necrophos.

So lets break it down of each immortal and items:
Axe has a immortal head and its the first skill immortal item that changes the berserkers call look better than the previous immortal of axe.
Next is clinkz the item is a bow and it changes the ultimate look as well the model of the ultimate has changed.
Terrorblade immortal is just the custom effects and ambient effects. No skill change only when metamorphosis is on ur attacking style seems different.
Lycan head immortal which looks like a wolf mask changes the howl look and gives a effect didnt like it that much though the look.
Mars immortal spear and it changes his first skill the spear of mars just looks a bit shiny when thrown.
Sladar back immortal changes the first skill the guardian sprint look a bit and custom icon is also given for it.
Rare is 50 battle points and Rare is the golden Head.
Ultra Rare is the Necrophos immortal is come the 3rd item of the Sullen immortal combination item which changes the 2nd skill the ghost shroud.

I guess u can check in the corner the recycle items once you recycle 4 items you get one Rylai Blessing spin where you get items or if your too lucky an arcana

Let me know what you feel about Dota Immortal Treasure 3 in the comments section.

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