Dota 2 International 2019

All must be hyped for Dota 2 International 2019 the biggest event and highest prize pool in the eSports Category that is above 20 Million Dollars.
Last year the prize pool was 25 Million USD.
This year as per the compendium they are targeting 28 Million and I guess it will reach because till today its about 19 Million USD already.
Dota 2 International is considered the biggest Esports Event in history as it started its tournament with 1 Million USD which was the highest for any esports event.
and Dota International always had the highest crowd with unique technologies used during the event like holographic pick phase where the characters picked used to look real statues when picked infront of the opponents play area.
There is also the theme song played by the orchestra in the stadium for the opening ceremony and I hope this year there will be something good thing new this year.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the event to begin to watch the international of 2019 as this year also its gonna be a hell of a event with a great phenomenal players playing for the eSports tournament of Dota 2.
Every year it was held in Key Arena in Seattle but this year its in Shanghai, China and its gonna be a massive event.

To know more about the international 2019 and battle pass ill attach the link below:
And for whole information about the Battle Pass I have written a blog on it Link is below:

Lemme know what you feel in the comments Section what are your views on this international 2019

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