And the two cards are finally here 1080ti And the Titan Xp

The new graphics card of Nvidia that were launched the 1080ti and the Titan Xp are the beast cards of the year.

Geforce GTX 1080ti
I just had a chance to play on this card lately because i have been very enthusiastic on the ti cards of the Nvidia series of graphics card.  So the monster that has always been my favorite in my series list the Ti models having a new card from the pascal the Nvidia 1080Ti was a big announcement that all had been waiting for, this card bang on for the price as in the speculation of the card which was 11 GB graphics and with 11 Gbps memory speed, and also 1582 Boost Clock. It can run any high end game with 60 fps also some games that i have checked such as Rainbow Six siege, Watch dogs 2 almost gave me 60 fps on 4K so i think this card has hit the target for 4K users  for 60 fps target rate. For the price its worth for the price that is 699$ because for this card it will give best performance for 4K. Its for the people who want to have 60 fps for 4K and have a price constraint i would recommend this also the 1080 will help to maintain some games. But if you can go higher the Titan Xp is your bargain buy.Geforce GTX Titan Xp
Yes this card is the monster 12 GB G5X pascal series which can frame 4K with constant 60 Fps for WD2 And Wildlands. If you can afford this card I assure you another 6-7 Years of no problem gaming experience. And if you cannot and need a bit lower 1080ti is the best outcome.If anyone needs any info or comments on any computer parts or games can comment below. Ill try my best to get hands on and review it for you.

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