Nvidia 20 series Ampere Launch

Everyone is pretty hyped about the new card the Nvidia 20 series graphics card that is supposed to be rumored to come in April 2018. It was said to be volta but its Ampere micro-architecture thats gonna be the big gun of this year. That too its believed that GP102 will be released by GA Series.
Nvidia Ampere will succeed Pascal, and its rumored to be released in the month of April.
Well now about all this is all rumored but most of it is almost quoted by many reviewers. So mostly GP102 production will stop because it has reached the peek of EOL (End of life). And its said that it has reached the EOL mostly by the Novemeber. And if this is true then GeForce GTX 1080 Ti which runs on the GP102 and if it has reached EOL then it may go out of stock if you compare the current demand of card, and then go out of stock.
So for the new card which has GA104. It is said to be the perfect replacement for Pascal series cards which is said to be unveiling in March and launch later in April.For the nomenclature, I guess most people must have already guessed it by now and it will be called GeForce GTX 2080 and GeForce GTX 2070.
So mostly the other chips that we will mostly see is GA106 which will be mid segment that will be GeForce GTX 2050, GA107/GA108 for the budget segment that will mostly GeForce GTX 2060 and GeForce 2070 and GA102 will be high end segement which would mostly be Geforce 2080 Ti if Nvidia will call them that or else Titan of the Ampere series.
Ok so most important question Nvidia had shown about Volta when they released Pascal cards which will be the successor of it but now its ampere. So what I think is Volta was meant to be the HPC side of the market and Ampere to be for the commercial market. It may be also possible that Ampere be the pascal refresh that they talked about before. But now once these cards are out mostly it will feel the shortages because of crypto-currency miners. But I hope it will come to the people who are eager for it the most i.e. the game enthusiasts and the tech users.

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