Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight Review

Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight has come out with a reworked Kafe and 2 New Operators Nøkk and Warden. I had updated on the patch which was before release the speculations on the teaser video so I tried them all out in TTS and this is the review what I felt about the new update.

Kafe Rework Review

First comes up is the Kafe rework a pretty great map now no need to cover up the ninja plant in kitchen (FINALLY!!!) and the 3rd Floor is changed a bit bomb sites have been moved around so that the direct roof plant or window enter plant doesn’t happen. 1st Floor is totally reworked and is become a massive changes on the ways to go up and engaging styles have also changed.The 1st Floor Bomb Site is the Kitchen and Bakery, great place to defend as well as attack depends on your teamwork as Rainbow6 is totally built on teamwork.Second Floor Bomb Site has Changed its no Longer Trains Museum and Dining, its now Dining and Reading Room. A objective bomb site of Before has been added. 3rd floor has a bit of Expansion and bit of remodelling with new walls and stairs covered so not much changes. Bomb Site of 3rd Floor Has been remodelled near Pillar Room and Cigar.
So thats for the Changes of the Map Now lets talk about the Operators first is

nokk Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight

Nøkk : Attacker Operator

A attacker operator from Phantom Sight has the ability to remove her presence as she walks by the cameras she feels like the combination of Caveria and Vigil. She can hide herself from gadgets that allow defender to see like from defenders cams and Drones. If she shoots the visual just shows blurry lines when her ability is on. So how to stop her 2 Operators Vigil and Mozzie can see lines on their drones similar to Vigil and u come to know shes around, next put barb wires or Lesion Traps if she passes through that the blurred lines on her can be seen on any cam and can be use to take her out, Lesion traps the damage she takes she becomes a bit blurry visibility for sometimes.Well her guns are not that new or extraordinary as her skills are meant to be fast moving and quick response she has a FMG-9 Sub-machine gun and Shotgun SIX 1 2 SD (Lesions Shotgun). Secondary is D-50 the most powerful pistol as per me allowed with a silencer and a 5.7 USG Gadgets are Claymore and breach Charge. The main thing about her is that her skill doesnt deactivate when she changing her guns.
Next up is Warden that has come out in Phantom Sight Defender Operator

Warden Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight

Warden: Defender Operator

Hes a Defender Operator and hes Gadget are glasses that allow him to see through smoke and flashes. The best part he can see through Blitz Flash. So hes great at that and hes very skilled operator. So hes counters are thatcher because he can disable him and IQ can trace him similar like Pulse as hes using a gadget.
The Primary Guns hes can use are M590A1 Shotgun and MPX Sub-machine Gun and for Secondary he uses P-10C Handgun and SMG-12 Machine Pistol Main gadgets of his are Deployable Shield and Barbed Wire. Hes skill is similar to glaz now where if u move your skill reduces so u need to stand like at one place for full clear vision similar to new glaz fix where if he moves he will not be able to see clearly through smoke.
Now comes the main UI change as it was said in launch rank will not be beta anymore. It is having a guide where it tells u about your previous rank your ranking as per all players in your server and yea diamond rank is purple colour with plat being the previous diamond rank colour.
The rank changes I checked in TTS and its also only bomb with pick and ban pretty cool and a great way to get best set of operators tactics to be played like pro leagues.

Changes of shop are not visible as yet but I hope that will come out directly in the live server.The new elite that was revealed was of Lesion and looks pretty good didnt get to test it out on tts though but hope its great as shown in the launch.
Rest changes you guys can check in the changelog ill attach the link below:Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight
Video of Operators and Phantom Sight Reveal is here below:

Do let me know about your comments below on what you feel about the review . Also do follow my youtube Channel Page which is mentioned on the home page for Gameplay videos of Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight .

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