Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2019

A well awaited tournament that shakes the whole rainbow six Siege community to its core with new strategies, new ideas and new champions for the game.
A RPG First person shooter game that has more than 20 million players playing trying to best their skills to get to the invitational for a dream to be a pro player in the R6 Community.
Teams all across the world compete for pro league and they qualify for the invitational qualifiers. The winners are pre invited. Its a massive stage for pro players and winning them for their country and continent is a major answer.

Rainbow Six Siege Invitational has players from North America, Canada, Europe to a certain extent and a bit of Asia countries. But many are still gonna join soon when the game gets a bit more bigger and larger for the prize pool and fair competition i.e. Internet disconnection and Level of play from the country.

Hope Ubisoft decides to increase the level of competition for the current players by opening to more countries soon and creating a worthwhile watch to see the Rainbow Six Invitational.

The link of the of Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Page is below:

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