Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season X

Pro League Season of Rainbow Six Siege is the most awaited moment for any new pro team or any team that’s there to get a chance to go to the invitational by winning them.
Everyone in the community always has a dream for going to the invitational or else get selected for the pro league matches.

So what is the criteria to get selected?

To get selected for pro league you need to win matches of GoForR6 in your region and win those tournaments once you have won alot Rainbow Six will invite you for pro League Qualifiers and from there your Pro League Career starts ahead.

Another Way to get to Pros?

Twitch.tv Broadcast

If you think your good and you can become a pro player start streaming on Twitch and Upload or stream on YouTube as well. Scouters do look out for fresh good new players your famous and lucky enough you can get selected for pro teams. For Example is Shroud (I took shroud because hes the guy I admire 🙂 ) was selected for Cloud9 from Twitch Streaming he didnt have people watching him from before but he grew up from there, so worth a try.

How to start for Pro League?

For starters get practice and find people who can become your team to play in pro matches. After that once adjusted if you have local or your region tournaments start on that get experience and then go for GoForR6 Tournaments and then you know the way.

And what for those countries which are not included for GoForR6?

Well guys you will have to wait I know its frustrating, even my country isnt included but we can just pray that we get a chance.
Ubisoft has not considered certain countries for tournaments because:
1. Not good Internet connection creating disconnection and creates watching audience get a bad experience.
2. Rainbow Six Siege also requires to expand their servers across major regions but they haven’t.
So lets see all on hopes.

So lets see who becomes this years champion of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season.

For more query on Pro league details the link is:
And for invitational Update I have written a blog before and the link is:

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