Showdown- Rainbow Six Siege 3v3 Match

Rainbow Six Siege has got a new custom game to play called showdown where all operators play cowboy style shotgun pistol play.

Rainbow Six Showdown

Rainbow six siege has put few operators for custom game where they have got a BOSG Shotgun and LFP586 Pistol a 3v3 game secure area fun to play. Its like making you test your aim and fragging skills. Pistol and shotgun.

So how is it played?

Well its similar to secure area match and its a 3v3 match and palyed with a shotgun, pistol, a smoke grenade and a Frag grenade. A total Cowboy style map as well with items of cowboy on the operators.
The match is played for about 1:30 Min and 3 rounds gameplay where the third round is the victory for the team who gets it. The ending animation is also different it shows both teams and the one loses shows he is late to remove the gun and he puts his hand up in the air.

The New alpha pack?

There is a new pack of showdown with all the items available in the alpha pack section and extra can be bought by Rainbow Six credits there will be no duplicates.
The Trailer for Rainbow Six Siege Showdown is shown below

Trailer of Showdown

Link for the page of more info on this is:

About Rainbow Six Phantom Sight Update is on:

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